Barbeque Lamb

Butterflied Leg of Lamb

Great for the summer, this recipe has been adapted from Anita Cochran's recipe from the University of Texas. To butterfly the leg joint you need to cut out the leg bone, this can be done by starting from the side of the joint, cut through the meat until you hit the bone and then gently slice the meat from around the bone and joints. It can be a bit difficult but don't worry if you leave some meat on the bone, you can freeze the bone and make soup of it later. You need to end up with meat of equal thickness so it cooks evenly, where the meat is thicker cut partially through to spread the meat out.

Once you have got this far then marinade the meat for a a few hours or ideally overnight in any of the marinades listed. Spread out the meat on the grill when the barbecue is ready, cooking could take 20 mins per side. Turn once during cooking, continue to baste with the marinade during cooking. It's a good idea to have a spray bottle of water handy to put out any fires, as this will burn the meat rather than cook it.    

Lamb Chop and Steaks

Lamb chops come from the loin section of the lamb, but can also be cut from the leg, chump and even the shoulder. Chops and steaks cook much quicker than the butterflied leg of lamb and I particularly like them with the Greek charmoulah marinade, taste the marinade as you prepare it and use less spices first to make sure you like it!

Estonian Shaslokk

Either the leg or the shoulder can be cut into cubes of meat and prepared with my pomegranate marinade to make Shaslokk. Or you can buy a ready made marinade from the shop.