Oruveski Farm



 Oruveski Farm is a family enterprise, which was established in 2007. Our main area of business is agriculture - sheep and beef production and therefore our main goal is to produce and offer quality meat in local and Europian market.

Oruveski Farm is run by Matthew and Reena. 

Matthew is from Isle of Man, where he has grown up in a sheep and beef farm. He has studied agriculture and worked as agricultural consultant in Great Britain. When moving to live in Estonia in 2007, he wanted to fulfill his dream as running and managing his own farm and flock of animals based on his education, experience and knowledge from the past.

Reena has moved back to her grandparents house in rural area. Beside agriculture our farm is dealing with designing and producing artisan craft products. Reena`s biggest passion is felting and knitting. She studied textile art in Tartu Art College and wants to fulfill her dreams by working with textiles in the peace and quiet of Estonian beautiful countryside. You can come and see òur range of artisan products in our Gift Barn. Beside that Reena has tutored many workshops all over Estonia. Since 2015 you can come and learn new skills in our Craft Barn.

We look forward meeting and hearing from you,

Matthew & Reena